Volunteer Resources

Prosperity NOW’S VITA Train

Additional guidance and practice, especially for those getting certified on your own, consider Prosperity NOW’s VITA Train. This innovative, free online training curriculum features 12 plug-and-play modules designed to help volunteers prepare for the IRS Basic Volunteer Certification Test.

Prosperity NOW’s VITA Train

There are also practice returns on this site. Contact volunteer@refundohio.org for information on how to access our practice software.

Useful Guides and Publications

Volunteers will also find these IRS resources useful for referencing tax law or for completing IRS certification tests on their own:

Volunteer Resources Guide (PUB 4012): helpful guide to tax law to assist with completing tax returns

Test/Retest Book (Form 6744): contains all of this year’s certification tests, answer sheets, and volunteer standards of conduct form.

VITA Training Guide (PUB 4491): supplemental resource for tax certification trainings

Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet (Form 13614-C): the form intake specialists/greeters use for the initial interview of clients to begin the tax filing process