Client Testimonials

Read what people in your community have to say about their appreciation for our free tax preparation services and our dedicated volunteers here at the Cuyahoga EITC Coalition.

Appreciation for Our Free Tax Preparation Services

“I am a single mother of six. I feel that last year H&R Block prepared my taxes and I was charged almost $500. I felt like it was too much. That money could have gone towards a bill or my children. They gave me a card and charged me to spend my money that I worked very hard for. It is robbery. Thank you.”

“I can get my taxes completed correctly. I do not have to call the IRS phone line and be on hold. Therefore I have a plan to get my taxes completed in one day. The federal and state taxes are both filed as well. Thank you for this free, valuable service.”

“This free service saves me money. It is very kind and convenient for the IRS to provide this free service for us that need aid in this area. I have used it for many years and believe it to be a blessing from God. Thank you.”

“Because I'm facing an eviction because I got laid off and I couldn't afford to get my taxes prepared, thank goodness for this program.”

“This service is valuable to me because it provides me with a service that I don't have to worry about. I don't have money to pay to file my taxes and I don't have to worry about if my taxes are being done correctly.”

“I saved a lot of money and gained vital info on my taxes. I would strongly recommend this service to everyone.”

“This service is important to me because I have a limited income. It would be hard for me to afford a tax preparer.”

“Very much appreciate having this service in our community. Being on a fixed income, free tax service is a plus to managing your expenses.”

“This service is valuable because they assist senior citizens with tax preparation.”

“As a retired person, this service is more than helpful. As far as convenience and affordability, we highly recommend this service.”

“It takes the scary out of getting your taxes done. Thank you for this service.”

“I have used this service for many years. Worry-free taxes done right.”

“This is one of my favorite things on Earth. You made it easy.”

“Very well done. The process was very smooth. Good experience.”

“We come here every year and will not think of going anywhere else.”

Appreciation for Our Dedicated Volunteers

“The tax preparer was very friendly and explained everything perfectly. She answered all my questions and gave me information about other resources that I needed to fill out my city taxes. Greatly appreciated.”

“It is always a pleasure having my taxes prepared here, everyone is so friendly and courteous.”

“I saw this young lady last year and she was just as nice then as she was today. I really enjoy coming here for my taxes and will see you next year.”

“I have come here to have my taxes prepared for about 3 years now. You all are very pleasant. See you next time. Thank you!”

“I got to see the same tax preparer. They are very respectful. Took up enough time with my husband and myself to tell the both of us what we shall receive and what was taken out. Thanks.”

“My tax preparer was excellent. [He] checked over my return and double checked. I appreciate the care he gave to me.”

“I think the program is very good and [my tax preparer] is very organized and friendly. I have been coming here for at least 5 years and will come back.”

“I have enjoyed coming here to have my taxes done for the past 3 years. I am very satisfied and appreciative of the tax preparers. Thank you.”

“Great services, wonderful people! Very professional, punctual, caring and knowledgeable.”

“This is our 6th year using your services. [The] staff is knowledgeable and fast. The service is greatly appreciated.”

“They took their time and made sure everything was completed. Great work.”

“Everyone was courteous and treated me professionally.”